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Style guides for companies

Style guides are an important tool to improve consistency across documents.

In clinical development various documents are written and in most cases these documents are submitted to a regulatory authority. A request of regulatory authorities is that documents that are submitted are aligned to the American Medical Association (AMA) manual of style. One of the reasons is to ensure that documents are uniform. Moreover, style guides improve readability.
The AMA manual of style is a good starting point, however it is not personalised to the companies needs.

We provide personalised style guides for (pharmaceutical) companies that are adjusted to the needs of the company.
Think of certain ethical language, use of symbols or numbering, formatting of documents or tables and figures. Also, specific terminology or use of abbreviations can be explained in a style guide.
Style guides are important to maintain consistency across documents, and are part of the company’s business card.

This video summarises why we are a good start to help you design your company specific style guide.